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Pisshead,Newport Guy

6/9/08 11:44 pm

well i be think
sometimes wonder if certain people act like a friend,but behind his back,just does it to save face,i might if a person,does believe their do not want to being friend,just say it,it easier than feeling like a person,does because then feel it might hurt that person feelings or someone else.

but no it hard for people to do this,

i mean if one thing i learn the past few days from buddhism is that you should treat a person life in good ways not bad,and not hate a person,because i believe the chanting will remove the people who are not good for us and give the right ones,

i start to see this and would like to believe all the people i know,i could said my chanting would keep them,but i know it will not.

6/8/08 11:58 pm

okay friday was a brillant nite,when to spoons with leanne,andrea came later,had a good time,meet up with donna and jens,in town which was good,donna,andrea and leanne,make it good nite,

saturday chilled out and then when over matt and watch saw 3 not see it in ages so bit still freaked me out a bit

today has be good,chilled out matt,did morning gonyo with him,which was good.
when to a buddhist meeting in swansea and some of the people i meet were great and experiences i hear where excellent

i mean i be giving something with the following on chanting nam myoho renge kyo immediately has a postive effect on your inner life,you can start to feel more hopeful and view things from differen perpectives.there is more,but that really,does mean a lot i mean when i chanting it does help to focus things and see the problems i have and know there can way to deal with it.

Another thing i was give was a piece of card with a a quote on it and i like to share it

We can attain a happy life state that shines like a diamond,solemn and indestructuble under all circumstances.and we can do so in this lifetime.The lotus sutra exists to enable all people to attain such a state of life

i am not try to conform anyone i just like to share about buddhist with people,but if u want know more let me know,i will tell what i can

6/7/08 02:50 am

okay i have just had good night with people i know and like

but a comment one of them made really stuck with me,does something we do show the friendship we have or not doing something,

i like to think all the people i say are my close friends i watch out for.but do some of them take the piss.

and do people do think only when a person their know is there.

okay im drunk and could be see too much of point,but i seem to see things clear when i have a drink

6/3/08 07:07 pm

well notu much happening
meet a woman about working with the youth team,shadowing her next monday which should be cool,but still need to find another job to help with money.

but i think i got to tackle that problem head on

im reading a book called the buddha in daily life by richard causton one of quotes i just read

society is complex and harsh,demanding that that your struggle hard to survive. no one can make you happy, Everything depends on you as to whether or not you attain happinesss. a human being

it a good quote i think.

when i find more i post them here,im not try to convert anyone or preach,just pass on the knowledge i learn from the book

6/1/08 12:50 pm

well first year of uni is over and done with now,my time in gilwell has come to an end as well which is kind of sad,because i really enjoy my times there and friends i made.it nice to be home but also weird at the same time as im missing some of the mates i made in plymouth,hopefully i see some in the summer which will be cool

then in september it be time to go back to plymouth and move in to the house which is going to be good i think.

well currently it unpacked sort myself a job and see family and friends.it all good just busy.

5/29/08 03:39 am

well i cannot believe today is my last day in gilwell ghetto,it be a good nine months here,i made some great friends,and learnt so much about life,myself and other things,it like my warden aofie said,i come in to myself more,and i think she right,i love newport,it always be my home and the say about take boy of wales and wales out of body true,but newport has always seem to hold me back,maybe because my family is there,and other things,and im glad i took the chance and came to plymouth.

somepeople might say im crazy and have waste my time and nearly a year of doing nothing,but i think i worked hard,learnt lots from my degree and cannot wait to do my second year if i pass this year,which i think i will,but we will see when the results come out.

i think the 3 months home in newport will be come,but i be glad to come back to plymouth

5/27/08 03:43 am

the past weekend being to say the least a bit of a nightmare,but it seem to be slowly getting back to normal
i cannot believe my first year of uni done with and that i move out of gilwell on friday it strange to be going home and leaving the room for good,because it be my home since september.
like my mate jenna when home yesturday which upset me a bit,because she been a one good friend i made at uni,i, hoping i see her over the summer.

i also see some people true colours over the past few weeks and months,i mean i just when with the flow and notice that people think im a pushover in a way,well this september them who think that,got a shock,the old mr hayden,who will comment back and will take abuse is coming back into play.

my friends who know me quite well,have see i will comment back if i need to.i think being in a new place,i was worried about it,but who care,i know the people who accepts my strange comments off hand and laugh at them,their are true friends i made at uni.

i cannot wait to come back home,i miss plymouth,but i need some time away from it and certain people.

okay time for bed i think.

5/18/08 03:40 am

well not much happening with me,just thinking about things and life,
today i chillin out with jenna and introduced to two films,which were jawbreaker and labyrinth
because she never see them,and of course we had pizza and some chocolate and just a good chat and a laugh

since i come to uni i make some really good friends or just friends,i said out of people i live with,my coursemates,i only trust about 5-6 of them,but jenna i get on with her so well,i feel like she a younger sister,but im older,i help her out give advice if she ask and just have a good friendship,others i trust very well and it good,other are just there for friendship and just to have a laugh.

it make think to my mates back home

i say out of the ones i got i only complete trust 5 of them which in my eyes is good and im glad i got them as my friends.

sometimes i miss being young,have no worries,just enjoy life as i could,but know i got to worry about money,my degree,my future life seem so much easier back when you are 15-17.

well back to watch stuff on the internet,i watch doctor who on iplayer,now back to smallville

5/14/08 02:15 am

well i m chilling making most of the sun,so going the hoe and sunbathing and just walking about.

it weird because i was talking to my mate jen last nite and we both said we are ready to go home,which i am,but i still do not want to leave plymouth,because it just all my new mates are here.

today me and sarah said when it come to september it be like meet each other all over again in a new place.

i mean the mates i know who live near by,i try make the effort to see them

well back to chilling out and watch youtube

5/11/08 02:47 am

okay it weird not have to worry about exams or handing in essays till septemeber,all i got to do is wait for the results,im shocked i may it thought my first year,but i did which i am glad,just another two years of learning about crime and everything cannot wait.

it strange because there were times i thought i made a wrong choice or it was stupid of me to come here
but i look back from september last year till now and think it was the right choice,i mean i made some good friends down here,friendships at home are the same or a bit different due to distance some seem to find my daily adventures or problems funny and give me advice on how to deal with which is always good.

im just hoping i can go home,get a job to earn money and just chill with my friends as well,and enjoy the summer.

i got 20 days left of living in gilwell ghetto and then back to newport before moving to baring street in september
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